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What are the impacts of identity crisis and how they can be dealt with?
It is unquestionable that you are aware of the term "identity crisis", but the effects are unknown to many.
Identity crisis might be the most endangered traits in the developmental stage of adolescence; they go through rapid changes, which they themselves can't understand such as emotion, hormones and also their perception of life.
Identity crisis is no respecter of person. It doesn't matter the educational background, their faith or even the social level of an individual, many are still affected by this crisis.
Research has shown that individuals who suffer from identity crisis are unhappy and feel out of place, hopeless and timid. those who are not challenged by identity crisis develop strong qualities that make them happier, healthier and more confident.
Based on studies done, it is said that identity crisis can be influenced by various factors which include: improper upbringing, lack of affir…


As the nature of science has it, it's impossible to plant a pea grain on the day of harvest, when corn is reaped. On the other hand, the pea grain has to be watered and nurtured in order for it to bear fruit. These are the same principles that are needed for human growth.

Very often we get confused as to which fruit we want to bear because we infiltrate our minds with negative thoughts. These thoughts corrupt the positivity of our minds: the control panel of our body.
It controls our every action. To be more practical, if you sit in a chair and tell yourself that you will not move that's exactly what will happen; that's how powerful the mind is.
Therefore, if you limit yourself by sowing negative seeds then it's only fair to reap negative fruits.

Our thoughts are affected by various factors and as such, we have to sow positive seeds. Here are four excellent ways to promote positive growth: Change of mindset, having faith,: don't compare yourself with other and don…

How to remain positive in the midst of turmoil

Remaining positive is one of the hardest attitudes that can be exercised during challenging times in an individual's 
life. For most people, it’s easier to proclaim than to put in practice. All negativity that associated with life sometimes drain us to a point where we can’t even breathe.  Three of the main problems that cause many individuals to look at life in a negative stance than positive are  Marital problems, health problems, and financial problems.
Marital problems- many individuals are stressed and depressed because of challenges they have in their marriages. 
It is not easy to remain positive within this period. 
Health problems – imagine going to the doctor for a regular checkup and it is said that you have an incurable disease. I am sure that you would be devastated, don’t matter your financial status, your faith, your intellectual ability etc. it would be hard to remain 
positive in that instant due to our human nature.
Financial problems – There are many individuals who suf…

Aspiring your dreams

What is a dream? There are many definitions for this word, but I will approach it from the standing point of it being a strong desired goal or purpose.
On the natural plain of life everyone has dreams and desperate to achieve it/them. Some person dream is to become a Lawyer, some Doctor, some Pastor and some Teacher etc. Some dreams are God given, but other is intercepted on the path throughout life.
I will ask these questions, how far will a person go in order to achieve them? How low or high will they go? Will they climb on other to achieve them? Think on these.
Once you work hard, remain focus and step up to the plate, you will able to reach out and fetch them out of the vast cosmos of this universe, they are very achievable. Let nothing or no one tells you that they are impossible.
Don't look at pass, to see what you have lost, but look to the future to see what you will gain. Martin Luther speech he said, once you lose hope, you will also lose strength and focus to move beyond you…

Love doesn't hurt

I have traveled the narrow and unstable path of life, and had seen unaccountable amount of people getting hurt by person's who should be the one to love and protect them. Seeing this I thought to myself why this happen? Is it that their choices were wrong or there weren't any love in the first place/ instances.
Through my studying and research, trying to find the answers to this question, I came to acknowledge that if one person really love another, there can be no mistake for them to hurt them, unless they are  selfish, (just thinking of themselves). we can hurt person in many ways by the thing we says, the thing we do, also our attitudes toward them, because the truth is at times people can be so obnoxious and inconsiderate to others.
In life, I also hurt others in the past and it dawns on me that it was because of my selfish behaviors why it happened.
There is a wise saying that “The different between the foolish person and a wise person is that the wise person is able to see …

Leap With Joy

As I recalled my past, I remembered being sad, stressed and always worried about the future, I would go to work unhappy, then went home in misery, just thinking about bills; about what I'm going to eat and what might happen tomorrow. But as time went by and things got better , I thought about life experiences that I have learnt about worries, that it kills and destroy its host; it was my faith in God and love that have brought me through that period.
It make no sense people worry about life, because we don't know what will happen tomorrow and I will say live today as if there is no tomorrow. Live a life of love, take yourself or family out, go to the beach, go to the movie and don’t live a sad and lonely life. I am not saying you shouldn't make plans for the future, but don't make worries annihilate your joy today, when you should be happy and leaping with joy for life.

There is a true quote from the Bible saying, "Tomorrow is not promised to no one", so there i…

Despair will rob you of your Joy

We are living in a world of trouble and turmoil, which at times put us into a place of confusion, where it seems like we are trapped with no way out. Sometimes it seems like you've been waiting so long and you can't the light of day, weary and frustrated at life and you've had enough, but remember speak life into your situation and surely you will be surprised of the outcome.
There is a well known story about a man who was poor and had no food, the last thing he had in his possession was a ripe banana, he was about to eat it, then jump to his death from a tree, but sometimes life has a turning point that can even shake our foundation.
So this man climb a tree, sat down and had his last banana then drop the peel to the ground, then sudden, he heard a movement beneath him, to his surprise he saw an elderly man picked up the peel and ate it.
After seeing this he climbed from tree and said to himself,  I thought there weren't any hope for me, but seeing this today that people …