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Why do we judge each other

Judging each other is not seen as a crime, but is like a virus that eats away on its host, it even goes as far as to contaminate others while on its path, destroying lives. This destructive behavioral characteristic did not just begin now but had deceitfully crept into existence throughout the dawn of history: while men were on the verge trying to find comfort and stability within the heart of self-centeredness.

Within the confinement of this article, I will illustrate and elaborate on the perils; and dangers that judging each other can cause. I will also reference and quote most of my information from the Holy Bible.

Throughout history, since the falling of man (Roman 3:23), many innocent people have been scarred by this virus, we will call (judging others). Many individuals go through this episode of(been judged by others) for different reasons. Some suffer this base on the color of their skin, their educational level, personal career,  personal financial stability, the way a perso…